Popular Tourist Attractions Close To Henderson NV

If you are heading toward Hoover Dam as you lead Las Vegas, you will probably see a sign for a place called Henderson. It is a location where many people live, perhaps because they work in the area, or they simply cannot stand being so close to Vegas. It’s a nice location, and if you are traveling here on a vacation, you might want to stay in this city. There are hotels that you can get rooms at, as well as those that are available at casinos. It is a hotspot for people that want to experience more than the Vegas strip has to offer. There are some very popular tourist attractions that are close to Henderson NV. These are the ones that are the most highly recommended.

Grand Canyon Tours

Although the Grand Canyon is actually about four hours away, you don’t have to drive if you want to see it. There are people that will actually fly you out to that location. They will do so for a couple hundred dollars. The price that you pay depends on how long the tour actually is, and what you will actually do once you land out there. You could do river rafting, kayaking, or simply do a little bit of hiking. This is one of the main reasons that people will be in this location.

River Mountain Loop Trail

If you would prefer staying closer to Henderson NV, then you should consider doing this loop. What is unique about it is many people use this for training if they are going to do a triathlon, or a marathon. The beautiful desert scenery is very attractive. You will start heading out toward Lake Mead. You can then take a rest at a place called Boulder Beach. Your journey will end once you have reached Hoover Dam and later on Boulder City.

These are just a few ideas for you to consider if you would like to see something wonderful from either the sky, or up close on the ground. Whether you want to travel out to the Grand Canyon, or stay close to Henderson, it is completely up to you. Both of these offer an amazing chance to get plenty of exercise, all the while seeing incredible amounts of natural beauty. This is just one of the many reasons that Henderson is such a popular destination for people that are coming to the southern part of Nevada.